Don’t goDon’t leave me hereAlone TimeWhen you go downIn your hideout And timeWhen you go outIn the sunshine

New Day Born

AroundAroundAroundIn loops now Come homeCome homeCome homeDon’t feel down Sun upSun downSun upNew day born Don’t mindDon’t mindDon’t mindDon’t mind it at all Go downGo downGo downGo downtown Speak upSpeak upSpeak upDon’t be shy Sun upSun downSun upNew day born Don’t mindDon’t mindDon’t mindDon’t mind it at all

Out Of Touch

Well, to take upon a dayIs madness in a wayTo start it all againTo jest and to pretend There’s ladders to be climbedAnd dotted lines to signThe grasping of the handThe making of a plan So take it all in strideNow that there’s nothing left to hideYour face against the paneAwake among the sane Well, it’s a truth or it’s a lieIt’s a laugh or it’s a sighIt’s the stillness in the moveIt’s a point you have to prove It’s the coming of a newIt’s the many and the fewIt’s the dying of the lightWho’s the king among the blind?


Say so long to the days goneNow united in songThough the years may have gone byThere’s no doubt in your mind Staying in for the long haulIt’s a run, it’s a crawlHolding on to your own mindJust to see how it shines Eye to eye under blue skiesFrom a fool to a wiseStill in search of a sound mindAnd the passing of time


Ease your mindBordeauxBordeaux I need you toLet goLet go Time will passBordeauxBordeaux Scars remainI knowI know The day is so fineThe day is so fineThe day is so fineThe day is so fineI could never mind

Victory Song

Cold and strung outBy the phoneThe night is longWhen you’re alone Shake and danceJust like a kissYou have to shootTo know if you will miss Want to bePart of the showBut you don’t knowHow far this thing it goes By your whistleBy your cutThe dream is realLike it or not

Father Time

Day so shortNight so longCarry onCarry onThey don’t knowThey don’t knowAt all In this lifeTo the skyBreathe in timeBreathe in timeThrough my handsThrough my handsThey fall Father timePay no mindTo the signsTo the signsBut a changeBut a changeIn pace Running wildLike a childIn your mindIn your mindBe at easeBe at easeWe fly Mother signDreaming wildPay no mindPay no mindNothing’s strangeNothing’s changedAt all

True Surprise

By and byThrough daysAnd nights Round and roundIn airOn groundBy sea

April 5th

Here she comesSilent in her soundHere she comesFresh upon the ground Come gentle springCome at winter's endGone is the pallor from a promise that's nature's giftWaiting for the color of spring Here she comesLaughter in her kissHere she comesShame upon her lips Come wanton springCome for birth you liveYouth takes its bow before the summer the seasons bringWaiting for the color of spring


River deep, river wideOh, so still, almost frozen in timeA sudden moveRipple inRipplingRipple in River wide, river deepOh, so calm, always lucid in sleepA sudden soundRipple inRipplingRipple in